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We Are Back! – Ep.85

Our sponsor – Podfudge – a new kind of podcasting agency

Enjoy our return episode after a year and a half hiatus!

We are joined by our guest/cohost Kevin Strasser – co-founder of Podfudge. Kevin knows A LOT about marketing and social media and shared many important insights.

We discussed:

  • The effect of Twitter upgrading to 280 character Tweets (from 140)
  • Twitter’s blue check mark controversy – they have been stripping certain people of their “verified” account status for unclear/shady/biased reasons.
  • The CEO of Snapchat’s article titled, “How Snapchat is separating social from media.” Are you as confused as Chris? Does this sound like click-bait to you?
  • Meetup.com was acquired by WeWork (co-working spaces). 
  • David making his phone happy… Yeah really. But it’s a great story 🙂
  • Also, “opinions”…..

Thanks for listening!

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