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The Man with the Coolest Name in Social Media: Ric Dragon – Ep.43

This week we had a really fun conversation with Ric Dragon (Author of Social Marketology, Speaker, Artist, CEO and Co-Founder of Dragon Search) who just might have the coolest name in all of social media if not the world.

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Ric Dragon - Author of Social Marketology, Speaker, Artist, CEO and Co-Founder of Dragon Search

Ric Dragon – Author of Social Marketology, Speaker, Artist, CEO and Co-Founder of Dragon Search

Our episode began with our weekly news item, which was how the NYPD completely botched their use of a hashtag to get New York City residents engaged with local police officers. It predictably blew up in their collective faces, humiliating the NYPD with images of officer beating Occupy Wall Street protesters and random acts of violence perpetrated by the force.

Ric wisely noted that they could have taken that opportunity to engage with their citizens, made fun of themselves a little and taken other steps to mitigate the damage. However it seems that they are just not that social media savvy in the department so they wasted yet another opportunity to help themselves.

Also discussed in this episode: The crazy business potential of your “weak ties” on Twitter. Listen to hear more…

Later Ric described the five key elements to social media success, which are also on his DragonSearch website:

  • Brand Maintenance: Brand maintenance in social media means that the organization has all of the typical social media accounts and is posting and responding to mentions of their name. An organization that is fundamentally using social for customer service is using the brand maintenance approach.
  • Community: Community can be about building or nurturing community of all types, including brand ambassadors, people who love your brand, or people who share your passion points. You can be at the center or the periphery of a community, and be a passive or active member.
  • Influencer: The influencer approach is about identifying relevant influencers, closely monitoring their social media activities, and engaging with them as appropriate. It can be about building relationships, too, much in the same way that traditional PR was often based on building relationships with media.
  • Thought Leadership/Reputation: Thought leadership includes proactive and reactive reputation management work in which you are endeavoring to place the brand favorably as having credibility or expertise in your arena. Content marketing typically falls into this bucket.
  • Big Splash: Big Splash approaches are creative programs that are usually intended to get a lot of attention. These include contests, sweepstakes, and viral videos.  While these tactics don’t usually help to foster community or influence, they can be great for awareness and the creation of connections.

Finally we wrapped up with the Tip of the Week which involved aiming for the head, not the heart, when using social media. Most people don’t buy from what they know, but rather what they feel. To this point Ric indicated that no Red Bull ads feature how horrible their product tastes, but rather their ads surround the feelings they are trying to evoke around Red Bull.

Ric Dragon

Ric Dragon is the author of Social Marketology and the DragonSearch Online Marketing Manual, both published by Mc-Graw Hill. He is the CEO and co-founder of DragonSearch, with more than 20 years of extensive experience in graphic design, information architecture, web development and digital marketing.  As an artist, Ric has been shown in countless group and solo shows.  He is a regular guest columnist for Marketing Land, and Social Media Monthly, and a speaker at many marketing and business conferences.

Thanks Ric!

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