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The Future of Social Media and Net Neutrality, with Amy Nowacoski – Ep.19

Our special guest Amy Nowacoski, Digital Strategist and Founder of Ginger Snap Works, makes a gaggle of good points as to why Twitter’s going public is significantly different than Facebook’s model. How is Twitter going to make money for their shareholders? And how will all social media companies deal with the fact that almost no one is clicking on obvious ads anymore? You’re becoming a smarter surfer, right?

Amy Nowacoski

Then Amy and co-host David Deutsch explore the possibilities of different internet money-making strategies including the freemium and pay to play models. The quality of content can also be radically different depending on the model…and the platform, too.

Net Neutrality (the idea that internet access should be equal to all) is about to be abolished in court, possibly. This could have a big impact on YOUR internet experience, actually. And mobile device data flow, since it’s growing so quickly, seems to be the issue that is turning the tide of the internet access issue. Amy and David make excellent points on this! Do you happen to agree?

Thanks Amy!

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