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Smartify Your Digital Marketing, with Carla Bourque – Ep.44

This week we welcomed Carla Bourque, CEO of Smartify! Carla was very professional and, of course, Chris and David were not, so we think we scared her off. (just kidding, kind of…)

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Carla Bourque - CEO of Smartify

Carla Bourque – CEO of Smartify

First, the weekly news item: The New York Times listed social media platform usage by political beliefs. According to the data, we were surprised to learn that, except for Pinterest, nearly every popular social media platform is used by Democrats more frequently than Republicans. David thought Republicans were much more effective than Democrats on Twitter. Who knew?

Carla presented a lot of great content about using data to amplify your digital marketing reach. Her company, Smartify, is a technology that marketing agencies can use to help their brands engage in a, well, smarter way with their audience using a few key steps:

  • Defining Success
  • Creating and Launching
  • Motivating and Rewarding
  • Gaining Insight and Driving Action

Obviously this kind of technology will not be as effective if the client doesn’t know fully what they are trying to accomplish. And by the way, Carla also suggested that small businesses could use data more usefully than large brands.

Then we chatted with Carla about ‘Conversions.’ What does that word really mean? Because not all conversions are equal 😉 and quite often folks misuse this term. A must-know for businesses: What conversions matter most to you. Yes, that’s the beginning of any successful digital marketing effort.

We also talked about consumer behavior, too.

Our Tip of the Week was a few great ideas on how to optimize your LinkedIn profiles, including a professional profile picture, your tagline and creating a customized URL to your LinkedIn profile.

Carla Bourque

Carla Bourque brings 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development for leading online marketing analytics and technology companies. Carla has held senior management roles directing revenue, operations, and partnerships for leading digital marketing companies including: Buddy Media (acquired by Salesforce), Say Media (formerly Six Apart), Nielsen Online, Catalina Marketing, and Jupiter Media Metrix. Prior to joining Smartify, Carla was the Senior Vice President at Echo, a leading real-time content platform, where she led Sales and Marketing, and directed key client relationships including ESPN, AMC, Scripps, Universal Music, WWE and Sony.

Carla is a thought-leader and frequent guest speaker on data and analytics, brand strategy, social media, and digital advertising with key industry organizations, including: eTail, Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), Digital Hollywood, Inside Network, Digiday, and the Online Media and Marketing Association (OMMA). Her most recent speaking engagements included a 2014 panelist spot at eTail West (on the topic of mobile conversions), 2012 panelist spots at OMMA Global, All Facebook Conference, eTail West, and MediaPost and Digiday Brand Summit in 2011.

Carla earned a B.A. in English from the University of New Hampshire, with a concentration in Media and Communications.

Thanks again, Carla!!!

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