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Focus on Revenue and Growth More Than Social Tools, with Chris Brogan – Ep.32

Ever wonder if he’s a good singer? We cover that 😉 ..and FYI he posted this blog immediately after recording this episode with us.

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Chris Brogan oozes business and social media wisdom. Mostly because he’s been there and done that…and still doing lots. (Publisher of Owner Magazine, CEO & President of Human Business Works, His Blog: www.chrisbrogan.com, New York Times Bestselling author of six books, etc etc etc)

Fact: Chris Brogan was the 10,300th person on Twitter, and almost immediately witnessed it’s usefulness when he was following the happenings at a conference across the country by reading the tweets of participants who were actually on-site. 

Most folks consider Chris purely a social media guy, but he tells us he never really was. He’s a business person who uses social…. like Gary VHe admits social networks are really powerful, but they are not the business. In theory this statement makes all the sense in the world, but in practice I guess most of us get caught up playing with shiny new toys and then complain about our tiny revenue and growth.

Getting starting today on social media with the intention to build up a following: Chris concedes that it’s really hard to make a dent… Everyone seems to be studying each other and doing what everyone else is doing – how can you stand out and get noticed by following that strategy? Chris’s secret: Be helpful. (duh!) He actually gives away 90% of his content for free as a “gateway drug” to get people hooked. In a good way of course 😉

Chris is very focused on his Owner Magazine – a digital publication, a business “how-to” magazine in a world where most magazines are all about the “who” and quite often leave readers confused about how to benefit from what they just read. It’s sister magazine is BossFit – a digital magazine about health and fitness for busy professionals.

And  as Chris Curran hinted on the show, he just joined Chris’s Owner Mastery Foundation Group for owners (OMFG). And started getting the daily emails, etc. Good, practical, and helpful so far 😉 It’s all about more ownership of your life, your choices, and your business. Some of the subject matter covered: Foundation, Daily Practice, Own Your Business, Your Media Empire, Sales and the Owner, Your Digital Presence, Secrets and Stupid Ideas, Time Management, Money Money Money, Content Creation…

How does Chris prioritize his time and effort across so many business building channels? He spends the vast majority of his time talking to the people who he has the good fortune and ability to serve. He knows that the better he serves, the better his results. Period.

Does Chris bury his face in his smartphone everywhere he goes? Is that how he stays so connected? Uhh….No. “We choose not to focus – distraction is easier than focus. When we feel socially awkward, we can look at our device and pretend like we’re doing something important. It’s our pacifier.”

Overview of how he uses his social channels:

  • Twitter: He automates a great deal of business tweets
  • Facebook: only personal stuff
  • Google+: Not so much for business even though he wrote a book about it. He’s still waiting for some good Google+ automation tools
  • Instagram: Personal stuff only
  • YouTube: Only uses a little bit
  • And……..His number one platform: Email. Does that surprise you?! Some folks ask, “Is email social media.” Yes and no – depends how you use it.

From his recent blog post – What’s the difference between an Owner and a Marketer? Marketers look for mentions, reach, etc. Owners look for revenue and growth. “Marketing for the sake of marketing is never useful.”

Chris’s advice for Social Media Unscrambled: …..fyi, we did ask 😉

  • Have guests who are outside of the traditional guest profile, who are using social in new and unique ways to build business
  • Find really weird dudes
  • Go outside the normal story lines – the standard case studies, etc
  • Earn money via ads and sponsorship. Have a community and let the sponsors have access to it

Do you think this episode with Chris Brogan was worthwhile? Did you learn anything? Was it helpful to you?

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