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Pinterest is the New Chocolate, with Cynthia Sanchez – Ep.35

Cynthia Sanchez

Tremendously fun discussion with Cynthia Sanchez, Founder and CEO of Oh So Pinteresting, National Speaker, Writer and Podcast Host! **Lots of info below…

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Brief News Item: The company Birds Eye (Frozen foods, etc) is now selling “Mashtags,” which are potato shapes for the social media generation. They are shaped like hashtags, @ signs, smiley faces, hearts, stars, and more! I guess they’re like tater tots, or hash browns???

OK, so, Cynthia admits there are a lot of recipes on Pinterest – and that’s actually why she got started on there in the first place! It was a good resource for her mommy duties 😉


What exactly is Pinterest? A social public visual bookmarking tool. And Cynthia does a lot of Pinterest training – how to begin, how to optimize, participate and grow. Pinterest is a unique and wildly successful platform – as of the Fall of 2013 there were 70 million users worldwide! And it’s growing fast. Regarding referral traffic, it’s one of the major players online. It refers out more traffic than Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Reddit COMBINED!

Folks love finding inspiration online and then pinning the different elements to their Pinterest pinboards. Can we call that “Pinspiration?”

Have you heard that Pinterest is mostly for the ladies? But it’s not specifically FOR women. Women are just the early adopters. David initially saw pinterest as “window shopping,” and since men don’t like to window shop, that’s why he thinks women have been more attracted to Pinterest.

Some of the hot topics on Pinterest:

  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Designing your dream house
  • Recipes
  • Animals
  • Electronics
  • Designing your bathroom remodel (For instance, you could have one board for fixtures, one for showers, tile, etc)
  • and a TON more!

BTW- David’s “little lady” is actually planning his 40th birthday party (in New York City) on a Pinterest board. She’s booking hotels, reserving places to eat, etc. Cynthia enlightened us that this would be a good opportunity to use Place Pins. Within Pinterest, drop a pin on a map, then when you are in the actual physical area you can pull up the map and see all the info, etc.

FACT: Although Pinterest is mostly visual, it’s not ALL visual – SoundCloud audio files can be pinned as well.

Via Twitter, Stephanie McCratic commented that Talking to boys about pinterest is so hard,but you guys are doing very well. Why thank you, Stephanie 😉

On Cynthia’s podcast, called Oh So Pinteresting, she interviews various people and delivers many useful tidbits and tips on how her listeners can use Pinterest more effectively. Cynthia also attends many social media conferences and speaks at them, too.

Is there a steep learning curve for Pinterest? No, it’s easy to jump on for personal use and pin things as you go. Have fun with it!

*Tip: Have a “Pin It” button on your website site so folks can easily pin your site onto their pinboards.

Cynthia says it’s pretty straight forward with regards to the best way to grow your pinterest audience:

  • Tell people what you’re pinning
  • Pin/share content that is helpful, useful
  • Re-pin and follow other people on Pinterest
  • Engage with other pinterest users

Would introducing conversation within Pinterest between users ruin the dynamic? The Pinterest creators have said that instead of becoming a traditional social network enabling more conversations, they see Pinterest as a search and discovery tool, like a visual human-curated Google, rather than a Facebook or Twitter.

Did you know there are “secret boards”???…..oooooo…. (not public)

Platforms that work really well together: Pinterest and Facebook. Direct your Facebook folks back to your Pinterest boards, …although in a way, Facebook and Pinterest have a kind of Love-Hate thing going.  Google and Pinterest, however, really love each other 🙂

Pinterest for B2B marketing? The best approach is probably to try to appeal to the lifestyle of the people you’re trying to reach as it’s related to your business or your industry. Cynthia actually gets a bit more personal on her Pinterest account because she wants her audience to know a little more about her.

And let’s not forget – most businesses want to Pincrease their Pincome!!! Yeah….totally stretching…….. 🙂

Tip of the Week: Connect emotionally as well as visually. For example, Buzzfeed’s categories are OMG, WTF, etc. OMG is actually an emotion! Make your content emotionally compelling – make them laugh, make them cry – make it visual too because visual content is much more likely to be shared.

Thanks to Cynthia for so many Pinsights!

Cynthia Sanchez

Cynthia Sanchez is the founder and CEO of Oh So Pinteresting. She and her team work with businesses to create and implement Pinterest and social media solutions. Her clients range from companies in the sports apparel industry to Beverly Hills jewelers. She is a national speaker, writer and podcaster and has been featured in Social Media Examiner and Entrepreneur as a leading Pinterest expert.

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Blog Amplification with Triberr.com founder Dino Dogan – Ep.4

[Special guest: Dino Dogan, founder of Triberr, triberr.com]

Without the listening community, Social Media Unscrambled, much like other social networking platforms, would be nothing. While it has been coined the “single best 30 minute chunk of time you can invest in your social media effectiveness,” without anyone to hear the catchy slogan, what point would there be? The motor behind all social media is the amount of eyes viewing it, as the effective social media user understands.

While hosts Chris and David have created something innovative with #smUnscrambled as a way for listeners to understand effective social media use, they still seek to expand their reach. They are looking towards developed entrepreneurs and advancers of the industry. The hosts were therefore proud to welcome Dino Dogan, whose site triberr.com is a recent yet massively influential development in the blogosphere.

DinoOne of Dino’s original blogs, diyblogger.net, (which is still going strong!) is a jewel of information on marketing, media and content. Dino got the idea for Triberr when he was trying to market his own blog. He had people who were helping him get his content out, and he was helping them, it was complicated and confusing – he decided there had to be a better way. But there wasn’t. So he made it.

But what exactly is Triberr? How can an average, everyday blogger use it to do what social media is supposed to do – to expand reach? The first thing to ask; are you a blogger or not?

If you’re not a blogger, Triberr is a site that allows you to read (and share) many blogs on similar topics of interest, all found conveniently grouped.

David, Naomi, Chris and Dino! .. Copyright AndoPhotography.com

David, Naomi, Chris and Dino! .. Copyright AndoPhotography.com

For bloggers, Triberr is a social network in itself; a way to interact and create traffic and attention to their posts. Triberr allows bloggers to form groups, called “tribes,” of blogs in the same genre. A tribal chief, who can be anyone using the site, can create a tribe based on a topic, and then allow users to join the tribe. The blogger can then interact with people who write and post similar content, and will expand their outreach and help keep eyes on their site. Triberr, in short, is blog amplification.

In Dino’s opinion, blogs started back with the stone ages, when people made cave paintings on the walls. It was a way for early humans to express themselves, and that desire has not ceased. Triberr simply makes it easier for a person’s form of expression to be reachable. Based on the type of tribe a person has joined and which posts they “approve,” triberr takes care of publishing the post to gain maximum reach.

TriberrIt is not only the number of readers that Triberr helps the blogger increase; it is the quality of the reader. Too many social media users focus on their number of followers, when they should be writing for a specific type of reader. Triberr allows a user to be published to people who truly care about what they’re reading – community members of the same type of thought.

And what is next for triberr.com? Soon it will allow companies to recruit bloggers and tribes into their marketing campaigns, which, for bloggers, is a far better way to monetize their blog content than traditional ads.

But most importantly, Triberr wants to help you and your thoughts to reach their maximum potential, starting with your community and expanding to the whole world.

Many thanks to Dino Dogan for coming by Fractal Recording and sharing so many pearls and nuggets!

Join us each Tuesday at 1:30PM EST for Social Media Unscrambled.

(9 minutes from the 37 minute full show)

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