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Chaos Reigns. Thank Goodness for Stephanie McCratic, – Ep.30

Crazy intelligent conversation thanks to our guest, Stephanie McCratic (@evolvedmommy) – content and social media marketer and blogger at Chris met Stephanie in person at New Media Expo 2014 in Las Vegas literally 5 minutes after tweeting with her. …cool.

After replaying Chris’s question and Penn Jillette’s funny answer from NMX (at 52:45 in this video), which of course features Barry’s voice, we talk with Stephanie about her blog,, which came into existence due to many of her female friends asking her lifestyle and tech advice. You know, gadgets, phones, etc. She started the blog in 2008 and now covers even more diverse topics as well. Fun site – check it out.

Stephanie explained Chomecast, which Chris mistakenly heard as “Crumb-cast!” ….sheesh… She also throws some light on influence marketing and blogger campaigns. This is a powerful emerging topic, which of course has been around for a while, but now there are more tools for brands to use to make their lives easier – like and others.

Chris asked a Facebook question: How to cleanse my Facebook account of “friends” that I don’t even know?” Obviously he accepted them as friends at some point, but now his timeline is flooded with all kinds of people and their “stuff.”

Your hosts also (awkwardly) hinted at the show’s new hashtag (who HINTS at a hashtag?!?!)…..anyhow, it was too late in the show and next week they’ll officially kick off the #unscram hashtag! (for questions and comments for the show)

David's Utter Coolness

Tip of the week: David shared a delicate story of how his 7-years deceased mother was recently suggested to him as a connection on LinkedIn. Tip: don’t have a meltdown if you see your deceased loved ones profiles appearing/reappearing on social media. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to have it taken down. Stephanie tweeted after the show, “Google Inactive Account Manager is the tool I was trying to think of that let’s you designate a contact after you are gone.”

Thanks Stephanie!

Stephanie McCratic is a content and social media marketing pioneer. She launched her popular lifestyle and tech blog in 2008 and has worked with over 1,000 bloggers, including The Pioneer Woman and Brit.Co. has become a nationally recognized source of information on all things tech from gadgets to apps to productivity skills. Stephanie has been featured on BlogWorld, Brit, Dot Complicated (Randi Zuckerberg’s blog), PopSugar, and eBay, and she is a frequent guest speaker at conferences across the country. In 2012 she joined Acumen Holdings, helping propel their popular store to over 6 million Facebook fans in one year and a 400% increase in organic search traffic in one quarter. In 2013 Stephanie joined with the founding team at GrowthWise, a business growth accelerator, as VP of Digital & Social Engagement where she exemplifies her belief in the power of real relationships with online influencers and in leveraging that power for the good of any brand. An Arkansas native, Stephanie earned her B.A. in Journalism, Advertising, and PR at the University of Arkansas.

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New Media Pioneering by the Podcast Hosts of Her Fantasy Football – Ep.28

Big Thanks to our gracious guest, Brandon Marianne Lee (@BrandonHerFFB), co-host of Her Fantasy Football podcast,

Brandon Marianne Lee

She hosts the show with her two sisters, too – Ashley Williams (@AshleyHerFFB) and Courtney Kirby (@CourtneyHerFFB)!  We found out how and why they started their show, as well as what social media approaches they are using. …Of course we talked about fantasy football and the Super Bowl a bit, too 😉

btw- Our news item this week was a bit disturbing – doctors taking pictures of patients who are laying knocked out in the emergency room, and then posting them on social media with pervy comments.  Sheesh…  And for our Tip of the Week, we quoted a plethora of tips from a cool infographic called The 36 Rules of Social Media (which is posted on our facebook page).


Brandon Marianne Lee is your average playwright/performer/executive assistant/fantasy analyst. You could say she loves Excel spreadsheets, but with a little flair. Born in Colorado, she now resides in the Big Apple. In 2013, Brandon and her sisters founded Her Fantasy Football. After playing fantasy football for six years she’s obtained four championships!!! Her fantasy philosophies are in order: 1. It’s a game. Have fun. 2. Excel spreadsheets are fun. 3. In the end, you should go with your gut / lady intuition.

Fantasy Football isn’t just a guy’s game anymore! With not a boy in sight, our father was determined to share his love and passion of football with his girls unaware of the quick-witted monsters he was about to create. Football is the cornerstone of our family, and you better run and hide if you want to question our mother on stats. Football is our life!

All 3 Sisters

Six years ago we started a family fantasy football league and things got seriously out of control.  We got to turn our love of the game into complete fantasy domination. Now we want to share that passion and knowledge with you! Not all the drama on TV is on the Bravo network, ladies! There is PLENTY of drama on and off the field in football and we will discuss it every week along with helping you set your fantasy line-ups to demolish others in your league.

In addition to their website, the girls are on Twitter (@BrandonHerFFB@AshleyHerFFB@CourtneyHerFFB), Facebook, iTunes, Stitcher, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Soundcloud.

Thanks Brandon!!!

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Some Pearls and Opinions from the Expert Speakers at New Media Expo – Ep.27

New Media Expo was awesome! Jan. 4-6th, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV. As a content creator and business owner, Chris had fun and learned a ton. Listen as he shares some of the highlights with co-host David.


Of course Chris met up with friend of the show, Dino Dogan, and also attended Dino’s eye-opening presentation on Crowdsourcing Influence. is totally pushing the envelope, actually.

Scott Stratten (of UnMarketing) gave the funniest and most helpful keynote! He encouraged us to do things worth talking about, as well as to focus on what matters – and the nuances of your logo don’t really matter compared to what’s really important to your business or brand. David commented that your “brand” is nothing more than your promise, and your social media can only be as good as your brand.


Chase Reeves (of was part of a helpful presentation about the structure of producing a podcast show – bits, clocks, working with producers, sound clips, etc.

We discussed Marshall Sylver, hypnotist and platinum sponsor of NMX, too.

It may be obvious, but Chris liked the simple idea of talking to your audience, getting to know them and finding out what they actually NEED. Then find a way to give it to them! Ha!


The most high-level keynote was the impressive panel of Noah Shanok (Stitcher), Norman Pattiz (Podcast One), and Leo Laporte (TWiT). They discussed the future of podcasting, which seems bright since Norm, who started Westwood One 30 years ago, recently launched Podcast One which promotes a stable of popular podcasts and boasts “Madison Avenue” advertisers. And Stitcher is already in the dashboard radios of some Ford, GM, BMW, some Mercedes automobiles, and there will be over 4 million stitcher enabled cars in 2014!

Chris had the privilege of meeting Chris Brogan (Publisher of Owner Magazine, New York Times Bestselling author, and more) and was ecstatic that Chris is willing to be a future guest of this show!!!


Chris was also honored to meet, in person, these tremendously inspiring individuals:

And many more impressive individuals who we’ll discuss soon 😉

You know any of these folks??

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Quantity vs. Quality of Your Social Media Connections, Dino Dogan & John Susko – Ep.22

Crazy Awesome discussion with two phenomenal guests!

John SuskoDino

We discussed:

  • The quality of your Followers, Friends, Connections, etc.
  • The beauty of LinkedIn and Facebook groups
  • Tip of the Week: Don’t be Annoying!
  • Proper use of automation tools
  • New Media Expo

*Dino mentioned a BIG discount for the New Media Expo, which will be held in Las Vegas January 4-6, 2014. If you purchase tickets on Black Friday you’ll get 50% off plus another 20% if you use the code dino20.


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