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Social Media on College Campuses, with Grad Student Jaclyn Antonacci – Ep.67

Jaclyn Antonacci - Graduate student at William Paterson University

Jaclyn Antonacci – Graduate student at William Paterson University

We welcomed Jaclyn Antonacci, Grad student at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ, studying for her Masters in Digital Marketing and Professional Writing. She is also a grad assistant for the communications department and has an undergraduate degree in journalism. She joined us live in-studio (which we love) and had a great conversation about what social media is like on college campuses today. …And a quick Thank You to our sponsor, TribeBoost! A great way to grow your Twitter audience with relevant and quality people. Learn More Here, and be sure to use Coupon Code “Unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

First we started with a news item: Monica Lewinsky just joined Twitter. Now you can sleep better knowing that I’m sure.

Then we got to Jaclyn who spoke in-depth about the experience college students have using social media. This is important because young people are using these tools daily and we, the rest of society, should pay attention to what is happening amongst America’s young people.

We then spoke about her @TwillyP project which is run by students and for students to improve the college’s image among students. This is an authentic movement which comes from other students and was not started by anyone in the upper echelons of management — in other words, it wasn’t started by old people like Chris and David.

Then we talked about our 3-1/2 tips which were:

  • Know your own brand
  • Realize everyone is watching
  • Network
  • When you see a student with a private account it usually means _________. (fill in the blank)

We had some good responses on Twitter and in-studio so please listen to the episode to learn what was said.

Jaclyn then talked about the ad-free social network called Ello. Jaclyn made an excellent observation: occasional ads are a very small price to pay for access to amazing social networks like Facebook and Twitter and she doesn’t mind being marketed to in order to gain access to the networks.

Along these lines, we talked about the important and newly-available Yik Yak which allows people to post stories and items without even setting up accounts so you have complete anonymity. Well, not completely, since someone threatened the school with a shooting on Yik Yak and was arrested. So, as David said, it is completely anonymous until it isn’t.

Jaclyn also enlightened us about Regram.  It’s an app that let’s you re-instagram someone else’s instagram picture.  (kinda like a re-tweet but on Instagram 😉

We also talked about the importance of storytelling when marketing ourselves and how Chris doesn’t really do a good job of it. Jaclyn said to “start with why” to get people to understand you and buy-in to your story.

Finally we discussed our Tip of the Week: if you want to network (as Jacyln said above) use Meetup.com to find different people and places to network and find new business and career opportunities.

As always this was a great episode and we look forward to engaging with more young people to see how they use social media!

Jaclyn Antonacci

Jaclyn is a graduate student in William Paterson University’s digital media and professional writing program. She completed her undergraduate at WPUNJ last May, and holds dual degrees in print journalism and media studies.

She currently works part-time as a graduate assistant for WPUNJ’s communication department, and as a social media coordinator for the marketing department where she focuses on Twillyp, a student-led campaign she co-created by Jaclyn in 2012. Twillyp has been successful in encouraging positive online discourse among the community.

In 2013, Jaclyn received the Mac Borg New Media Award, allowing her to work as a feature writer and blogger for the Bergen Record / NorthJersey.com. She was the fourth top influencer at 2014’s NYC Social Media Week after creating an account that posted as the voice of Highline Studios’ elevator.

She is an overall digital media enthusiast who specializes in journalism, higher education and personal branding.

Thanks again, Jaclyn!!!

*and THANKS to all our listeners for tweeting along LIVE with hashtag #unscrambled!

And Thanks again to our sponsor, TribeBoost! (helping you grow your Twitter audience….and be sure to use Coupon Code “unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

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Low Budget and Engagement “Marketing,” with Evan Dunn – Ep.16

Wow! We welcomed Evan Dunn, Social Media Specialist with Marketeering Group, and he shared so much truth about social media “marketing.”

Evan Dunn

We discussed lean/no budget marketing, Twitter following tactics, human behavior (when it comes to online interaction), and engagement marketing.

Also, here are the tools/services Evan mentioned:

  • B2B Twitter tool: Socedo App (@socedoapp, founder: @aseemb)
  • Twitter market research and facilitation: Manageflitter (@manageflitter, founder @ke_ga) and Followerwonk (by Moz)
  • Excellent analytics tool with easy viewing and lots of integrated services: Sumall (@sumall)
  • Very effective Twitter follower growth: TribeBoost (@tribeboost)

Thanks Evan!

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