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Our Oldest (and Coolest) Guest Yet, Doc South – Ep.45

This week we welcomed LIVE in-studio – the estimable Doc South (Radio Show Host and DJ). Doc brought such a fresh perspective on some of the basics of using social media that he forced Chris and David to ask some basic questions.

Doc South - Radio Show Host and Oldies DJ

Doc South – Radio Show Host and Oldies DJ

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First, our news of the week: Nature Valley Granola Bars was hijacked by Anime fans on Twitter. Apparently someone made a comment on their page and someone from the company replied, giving them Anime street cred. Suddenly their entire feed was inundated with Anime fan art and references. Chris asked if this was good; David replied that it is good as long as it doesn’t become tribal resulting in shunning so-called outsiders.

The episode quickly became an excellent exercise in how to effectively use social media. Doc rightly, and intuitively, said that although he doesn’t really use social media (except Facebook) that you should use it as a forum to connect and talk to people while only giving small tidbits every so often about what you are up to. That, in David’s opinion, is at the heart of an excellent social media strategy.

David then explained to Doc the basics of Twitter being a microblog and how powerful they can be. David and Chris then explained how we were engaging in real conversations with Twitter #Hashtags which we also explained to him (and you.)

[we also had some fun with popular acronyms, which Doc knew nothing about ;]

Chris then asked Doc why he doesn’t have a cell phone. In a nutshell Doc doesn’t want to add another expense, nor does he want another addiction. Good thinking Doc.

Later we circled back to discussing how to effectively use social media by almost never talking about yourself but instead giving on social. The Tip of the Week tied directly into that, saying that we should instead of just talking about ourselves we should use social media to search for topics we are interested in, answer questions, ask them ourselves and follow what others are saying. That will improve your social media effectiveness tremendously.

Doc was an excellent guest. Chris and David look forward to having him back on the air!

Doc on Doc:

Most people who meet me after hearing one of my shows will be surprised to find me to be a quiet kind of person. I really don’t talk much. I’m certainly not a highly social creature or a snappy dresser. I tend not to stand out in a crowd at all. I enjoy watching other people go about their day. I don’t smoke or drink (anymore). It’s very important to me to be as kind to others as possible, no matter what their status is in life. I try very hard to see the other person’s point of view.

Although I don’t belong to any one religion, I believe very much in a supreme being. I think our earth is a kind of school for becoming good hearted souls. I can’t imagine how people don’t see all the proof of God’s existence right before their eyes.

I have always loved playing records for people. I got my first record player at the age of three. I’m very awkward, sloppy, and always in total disarray. I love to work at hard jobs with good people. I started doing radio at WVOT in Wilson, NC back in early 1981. I was also a DJ at the Hackettstown-based college radio station, WNTI. And WRNJ also in Hackettstown.

I owe these stations a lot for the experience they gave me, but I’m much happier running my own operation. It just works better for me. Folks can find me being the DJ at all kinds of events in North Jersey. I see I’m using way too many “I”‘s in this self description of me. I think I’d better stop. Anyone who listens to my station will get their own pretty good description of me after a show or two.

As the Chatterbox Drive-In’s Don Hall once said, “With Doc, what you see is what you get!”

Thanks again, Doc!!!

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