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LIONs, Deer, Models, Social Media Breakups – Ep.80

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On this exciting episode of Social Media Unscrambled we talked a lot about social media, naturally.

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Our first story comes from Neal Schaeffer, a previous guest on the show who is a LinkedIn expert. He talks about the LION movement on LinkedIn which, as stated above, stands for LinkedIn Open Networker. What this basically means is that anyone who is a LION will accept connection requests with anyone who asks. Neil correctly points out that this movement should go away because simply having connections for their own sake has nothing to do with generating real results. After all, social networking should be social, and we need to start using these tools to engage with people rather than simply trying to have as many connections as possible. Chris was a LION, got a bunch of contacts but got no money from it. So, LION needs to go away.

Chris then discussed about how a picture of a deer got incredible engagement on his Facebook account, far more than most. Out here on the East Coast it is rather common to see deer all over the place, but very rare to see large males with many-pointed antlers. Chris took some shots of his backyard where he saw a HUGE buck with many points following around and annoying the females, just like humans do. Interestingly these pictures of the large buck got the most reaction out of Chris’ Facebook posts.

David found a story about a model on Instagram who decided to post honest images of herself rather than glamorized ones. She posted pictures of waxing her mustache, for instance, instead of all the feel-good glamor shots we are so accustomed to. Her honesty got her lots of people to unfollow her and created a bit of a negative backlash. This creates a real dilemma: people complain that others (especially models and celebrities) only post positive images of themselves on social. So this brings up a question: what on earth do we want? On the one hand, we give models a hard time for being fake, and then give them a hard time for being real. Which do we want? What is wrong with us? We can’t keep it real, and we can’t keep it too fake.

On the topic of Instagram, Chris then went on to talk about the struggles he has faced when managing multiple Instagram accounts. Instagram recently made some changes to how their third-party apps are being managed on their platform. Because of this, Chris has found it difficult to manage multiple accounts because now he has to log in to each account every time he wants to post something, rather than updating all Instagram messages from one centralized login, such as TweetDeck for Twitter. David’s educated guess is that Instagram is trying to keep it real and dissuade marketers from simply spamming all Instagram accounts.

David found a story about Facebook testing a new feature where if you break up with someone you will limit what you see on your news feed from them. David found the Unfriend or Unfollow features to work perfectly well, but for whatever reason some people don’t want to do that. Chris brought up that this is why some people are not on social media at all, since they want to be left alone and do not want to broadcast anything about themselves.

Chris asked a question about getting in touch with a gentleman named Brian Scuddamore, the CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK, a nationwide company which hauls people’s junk away. Brian was a guest on another podcast Chris does, called the Profit First Podcast with Mike Mackalewicz. He then brought this up to some other podcast co-hosts, Pam and Scott Harper from Growth Igniter’s Radio. Pam and Scott wanted to see if Brian can also appear on the Growth Igniter’s podcast. Chris’ question: how can we do this? David said the way to get Brian on the show isn’t to frame this as a favor for Brian, but rather an opportunity. So instead of saying “Please be on my show!” they can frame it as, “Hey, here’s a new opportunity to come on another podcast!” This can be done via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or really whatever.

Finally, David found a story about an Australian of Vietnamese descent who could not get onto Facebook because his name is, wait for it, Phuc Dat Bich. Facebook thought he was being sarcastic so they refused to let him on. After much ado about something hilarious he was finally allowed on Facebook. What’s the point? It’s hilarious. That’s all.

Then our letter for the Social Media Therapists:

Dear Cathartic Chris and Dr. David:

I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder and I like to play video games. One day I saw a squirrel, and realized there was a funny Vine video about animals. When searching for the video I commented on a friend’s political rant on Facebook. And I like Joe’s new profile pic on LinkedIn but wondered why hasn’t he responded to my connection request? Then I got hungry but forgot about my video game, and I let my whole gaming party die.

Do you like comic books?

Please Love Me >sniff<

If you are ADHD on social media, get help. We are here for you.

See you next time! #UnscrambledArmy

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