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The Romance Between Email and Social Media, with John Tully – Ep.14

Which is more effective for marketing: email or social media? Well maybe that’s not the right question……

John Tully

Our special guest John Tully brings a wealth of experience with small business marketing and sales to this conversation – the up-to-date compare and contrast between the big two. At one point, I thought John and David were going to throw down right in the studio!! …not really…. Thanks John for enlightening us with simple truths that are way-too-overlooked!

  • John Tully – Owner of dsm-llc, www.dsm-llc.com, providing sales and marketing assistance for small business

dsm-llc is owned and operated by John Tully. John has worked for and with small businesses for the whole of his working life – in a variety of roles from technical management (VP-level) through sales and marketing as Product, Business Development and Marketing Managers. He understands small business and what makes them tick – what they need and what they don’t need.

..and congrats to The Fractal Stream for launching their internet radio station!!!

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