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Protecting Your Online Content with Cyber-Security Attorney Khizar Sheikh – Ep.41

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Khizar Sheikh - Privacy and Cyber-Security Attorney

Khizar Sheikh – Privacy and Cyber-Security Attorney

We were thrilled to feature Khizar Sheikh from the Law Offices of Mandelbaum Salzberg.

First we started with a news item where Twitter had one of its oddest and most difficult few days in its history. First US Airways sent a Tweet with a toy airplane located in a place toy airplanes were never meant to go. And a girl in Amsterdam sent a threatening tweet and ended up getting arrested the next morning.

We then began speaking about social media and privacy online with Khizar. It quickly went over David’s head as he discussed — in general, non-legally-binding language — various legal questions. Previous guest Amy Nowacoski asked, via our Facebook group, about who owns social media content when it is created and posted on a clients behalf. Khizar pointed out that the ownership rights should be clearly specified in each contract itself…..or else it could get dicey.

Sheikh also said that, in general, if you post something on social media it is technically no longer yours because it is public domain. So the next time you think about blogging on someone else’s platform, consider using your own platform so you can own and control it.

Chris asked about video rights: if you record random other people with Google Glass, for instance, would you get in trouble by posting their faces online? Khizar mentioned that one person actually got punched in the face for refusing to stop recording with their Google Glass! And the Glass wasn’t actually recording anything – the puncher just thought it was!!! …Nobody is really sure where all of this is going.

Khizar also talked about how there is a law pending in California that would allow people under 18 to delete social media content off the Internet — or at least not let it be used against them — because they are (were) under age.

So in a nutshell, online privacy issues are only now beginning to be discussed and the future of these changes is very uncertain. So hire Khizar if you have any questions! hehe

Finally we ended, like we always, do, with a Social Media Tip of the Week. This week was: Don’t do what the idiots did in our news items: Do not post threats to airlines, and don’t allow x-rated content to be shared on your social media accounts.

Khizar Sheikh

Khizar Sheikh is Counsel to the Firm and the chairperson of the Privacy, Cybersecurity & Information Management Group. Khizar provides counsel to his clients in the areas of cybersecurity, fraud, eDiscovery, and corporate governance. He also serves as outside litigation and general counsel. He has a particular focus on technology and healthcare organizations, and the privacy, data security, and confidentiality obligations that these organizations are facing today.

Khizar has been selected as a fellow of Lead NJ and Leadership Morris, published articles and given lectures in the areas of privacy, cybersecurity, records retention, confidentiality, leadership, and civics education, and taught at Seton Hall Law School as an adjunct professor. Khizar has been appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court to the District XA Ethics Committee.

Thanks again Khizar!

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And Thanks again to our sponsor, TribeBoost! (helping you grow your Twitter audience….and be sure to use Coupon Code “unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

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