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Ghost Apps, Cutting Thru Noise, Your SM Identity, and David Got Fired – Ep.79

Chris and David

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this episode

Welcome to episode 79 of Social Media Unscrambled, featuring Chris Curran, founder of Fractal Recording, and David Deutsch, Social Media Director at Whitman Business Advisors, talking about social media and having a great time along the way.

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To kick things off, we had a conversation with Barry about our friends Ralph M. Rivera and Carol Lynn Rivera of the Web.Search.Social podcast. Barry was quite intrigued by Ralph’s, er, appearance and demeanor to say the least.

We then got an update from our last episode regarding Chris joining Facebook groups and was wondering how to monitor them with a busy schedule. With one group he did indeed scan the notifications but did not feel compelled to actually comment on anything. In the other group, he asked a question (in a comment) and got zero responses. Chris believes it was because he asked a common question and group members were probably tired of answering that “same-old question.”  David suggested that groups have an FAQ section, even though he doesn’t ever read those anyway.

Chris mentioned that Twitter has made a change: Instead of “favorites” we now have “Likes,” which beyond being just a Like, is a soft and easy way of making a touch point with someone – a subtle message to acknowledge that you are seeing and reading what someone posted. Liking a tweet also allows you to save that content for later review under the “Like” tab on Twitter.

David brought up an important item: Recently there was a sexting scandal at a high school and it involved something called “Ghost Apps.” These are apps that appear to be normal apps (i.e. calculators etc.) but when you click on them and add a secret code you can save and share all kinds of content, much of which can be lurid. So parents, you need to know that these things exist. Chris and David both wondered why smartphones were even allowed in schools and both firmly believe that they are unnecessary.

So, what does it take to cut through all the social media noise? Given that there are so many conversations taking place on the Internet, how do you stand out? Chris used the example of one of his other shows, The Mystic Show, to illustrate. He has recorded over 150 episodes as of this writing and is now starting to gain traction. He is starting to get emails from people from all over the world. His point: Longevity, consistency and good quality content will eventually lead to the kind of contact that you want to hear. Because David believes that Content is NOT King, but Contact is King, because your Content should drive Contact.

Along these lines, David talked about how he was fired by a client who only used his services for two months. David discussed in some detail (without diving too deeply into what happened) about this clients’ business goals and was surprised when they cut the contract short. Ultimately the client spent a whole lot more money at trade shows and received no money from attending but was only willing to give social media lead generation a two-month window. To be successful on social media, you need to spend a lot more time and energy making sure than simply two months.

Chris brought up a model from Australia who had a meltdown because only 14 people liked her Instagram picture. She started bashing her audience for not paying close enough attention to her. This cracked both David and Chris up because it illustrated just how narcissistic people can be on social media. Ultimately, who cares about her and her vacation, other than her? This kind of self-deluded nonsense is really one of the worst parts of social media in Dvid’s opinion. Also, if you make a mistake on social media, you shouldn’t try to blame your audience for not understanding or make up excuses. Instead, just own up to it and your audience will respect you more.

Recently David heard about a new scam that is really just a play on an old scam: The Secret Sisters Gift Exchange. Evidently if you send in some money, about $10, to this exchange they will send you back 26 gifts in return. This is the same thing that has been done for years and the same thing is happening to this day.  If you see something on social media that is too good to be true, it probably is. David’s buddy Elliott, for instance, recently sent out a notice about some Ray Ban sunglasses that he was allegedly selling. Knowing Elliott, David figured this was false, which it was. So, use the smell test: if an offer seems too good to be true, ignore or report it.

Chris then found a very interesting publishing house called Keyword Press. This is a press agency which publishes only for people who have a built large online audiences. This is a neat new way that people are going back and forth from the online world and the real world. Chris’ point is that, if someone has lots of subscribers on YouTube, it would be very easy for their followers to buy a book, and this publishing house is capitalizing on this new trend. Very interesting model.

Another update: Chris has fully implemented the Getting Things Done system of stress-free productivity and it has changed his life. His main tool is an app called Wunderlist which helps him stay fully organized. He said his life is much less cluttered because all of his to-do’s and ideas are all in one reliable system. This has helped Chris reduce the stress in his life considerably, and you can (and probably should) do the same thing.

Finally, we read a letter for Cathartic Chris and Dr. David, the Social Media Therapists:

Dear Cathartic Chris and Doctor David,

I am a Brooklyn hipster with a big bushy beard and Geek Squad glasses which I say I bought at a thrift store but actually cost me 1 month’s salary. Some people even mistake me for an Orthodox Rabbi, which is totally cool according to my friends who I really don’t care about.

Anyway, I am looking for an ironic social network that nobody else uses but I can brag to my other douchebag friends about because I’m the only one there. In other words, I need to brag about something on social media without anyone knowing about it.

What should I do?


Notta Douchebag

Notta’s solutions:

  • Shave your splotchy beard and get a real job
  • Stop being such a pretentious jerkface

See you next time! #UnscrambledArmy

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A Couple of Horses, Mules, Weirdos and a Russian – Ep.78

Social Media Unscrambled

Welcome to Episode 78 of Social Media Unscrambled! Where a couple of weirdos, Chris Curran and David Deutsch, attempt (and oftentimes fail) at making social media accessible to individuals and professionals who are a little intimidated by using social media.

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We learned from the old maintenance guy Barry that, to start a podcast, you’re “gonna need a couple of horses, a couple of mules.” Just so you know.

Chris Curran started it off by talking about how Apple has dominated podcasting so far. But now Google will get with the times and include podcasts in the Google Play Music app (soon). A HUGE development in podcasting for sure!

Chris then mentioned another podcast he co-hosts called The Profit First Podcast with Mike Michalowicz. Chris went to promote an episode of that show and found that the guest had blocked him on Twitter! (Turns out, by mistake)! Chris had never been blocked online before. Fortunately Gabrielle Fontaine (the guest) unblocked him, because this really hurt Chris’ feelings. In the email exchange between Mike, Chris and Gabrielle we found out that Chris is, in fact, a Russian porn star.

Also, Chris talks about how Twitter rolled out a new feature which allows you to poll your audience. Chris posted a poll about how they feel about auto direct messages. 4 out of 4 respondents — 190% of them, according to Barry — said they hate auto-DMs. It’s a cool feature to try; look for the “pie chart’ icon when you’re composing a tweet.

David then talked about a fundamental but very important question he often gets: Which social media platform is right for me and my business? The answer is, in a nutshell – it depends on where your audience is. And, crucially, when you are there you can’t just sell but instead give to them. Although this might be counterintuitive it is important that you spend your time on social media offering something to your audience rather than getting something from them. So ask your audience what they want: more money, better job, but mostly they want to eat. So feed them free food and they will come!

Chris then talked about his experience with Yelp after moving. He recently moved to Colorado from exotic New Jersey and went to change his business address on Yelp. Yelp however would not approve the change because (they said) the new address had to be put somewhere else online or they wouldn’t believe it. To fix the problem, Chris had to change the address on his website which allowed them to fix the address issue. While a little annoying it does make some sense – after all, not everybody is as nice and honest as Chris, and oftentimes they will use little tricks to try to scam people.

Speaking of Yelp, David talks about South Park’s episode which takes down Yelp’s business model. It is NSFW (Not Safe For Work.) A must-watch episode: http://southpark.cc.com/full-episodes/s19e04-youre-not-yelping

Chris then shared a difficulty he has with social media: Too many accounts with not enough time to use all of them, coupled with having “content out the wazoo,” as he says. To manage this, Chris uses the Buffer app, which schedules your Tweets in advance. So he dedicates 30-60 minutes every Tuesday morning to schedule his social media content to publish automatically over the next week. It’s a great time-saving tool which takes a lot of his stress away from sharing so much content. The key: Don’t be spammy. Spammy is basically repeating the same content 7x/day and overly self-promotional.

David then talked about Streak, a gmail CRM integration (customer relationship management helps keep track of your sales pipeline.) It also helps schedule emails and see if someone viewed your email. David would also love to see a CRM integration with LinkedIn, which doesn’t seem likely in the near future. David also talked about how the hacker group Anonymous outed several people on Twitter as members of the KKK. Follow #opkkk for more information.

Anyhoo, Chris discussed an event at an event at a local Colorado Springs radio station (KCMJ) and how a woman named JL delivered a presentation. JL did a live Periscope broadcast to connect with her fans before her in-person presentation. It served as a hello and a commercial of sorts for her fan base, allowing them to hear directly from her on location.

David brought up how his friend, Brian, believes that Twitter is useless. One of the greatest ways to use Twitter is using hashtags at conferences and association meetings. This allows people to have open conversations using these hashtags, which allows for a potentially huge global conversation about all kinds of topics. Chris added that people can have their own micro-conversations with their own audiences, too. Chris brought up the issue of Facebook hashtags. Are they useful? Chris doesn’t even know how to search hashtags on Facebook. David says he doesn’t know anyone who uses it effectively; it’s mostly used ironically.

Then Chris discussed LastPass, a way to share passwords securely with others without actually giving away your passwords. Primarily though, it’s a great way to keep all your own usernames and passwords in one safe place. After you allow LastPass to remember your username and password for a particular website, in the future when you log in LastPass will fill in your username and password for you. If you have lots of accounts everywhere this is a great tool.

Chris also mentioned that he’s a member of many Facebook groups and was concerned about how to keep up-to-date with all of them. Good Facebook groups can keep people in touch with each other and foster important, fun conversations. Chris belongs to ABBO (accountants, bookkeepers and business owners) and Voice-Over Camp. He wasn’t sure how to stay in touch with the group. David suggested Chris turns on alerts for those groups which will keep him up-to-date of the discussions happening there. When he gets an alert, he can quickly scan the message and comment if he wants to, and ignore the conversations he doesn’t want to participate in.

Finally, a letter to the Social Media Therapists:

Dear Cathartic Chris and Doctor David,

The other day I was on LinkedIn and got a marriage proposal from a person in Russia. They are quite attractive and claim they have a lot of money in a Nigerian bank account, which I could also access, but only if I became a co-depositor on the account and put $5,000 into it first.

What should I do?

Lonely on LinkedIn

In a nutshell: don’t do it.

See you next time! #UnscrambledArmy

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Generating Engagement and Leads on Facebook, with Mike Gingerich – Ep.34

Fun, content-packed episode with Mike Gingerich, Digital Marketing Strategist (www.MikeGingerich.com) and Co-Founder of Tabsite. …And a quick Thank You to our sponsor, TribeBoost! A great way to grow your Twitter audience with relevant and quality people. Learn More Here, and be sure to use Coupon Code “unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

Mike Gingerich

We talked a lot about Facebook – engaging folks with contests and promotions, which is what Tabsite helps with. Whether you want more Likes or to capture email addresses or some other result, running promotions on your Facebook page has been proven to work. Mike explained that you can create custom tabs on your page, and that’s where you build your offer. It’s all about leads and leverage 😉

BTW- Imagine getting off a plane, finding your car in the parking lot, and having to dig it out of 2 feet of snow BY HAND! Yeah, Mike did that this winter…. wow…

Then Chris asked a question about the practical difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group. Chris created a Facebook Page for his Pause Your Life organization (which hosts Meetups and Retreats), but someone suggested a Facebook Group. Mike and David agreed that, in general, a Page serves the overall organization well, and a Group could be used for smaller, more specific groups within the organization to allow them to communicate back and forth easily.

[ fyi, during the Live show, lots of folks were tweeting their questions with hashtag #unscrambled ]

Mike also sees real power in the custom audiences feature for your Facebook ads. Basically you share ads with your audience, and then the individuals that respond favorably are grouped as a custom audience so that you can target them specifically for future ads or offers, etc.

Tip of the Week: News.me looks over the shoulder of the people you’re following on Twitter, and then sends you an email summarizing the most shared content of your followers. BTW- As a listener, for our Tip of the Week do you prefer the label “Tip of the Week” or “Sage Advice from David Deutsch?”

News Item: Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 Billion, and WhatsApp may be adding phone calls to it’s list of services, which may compete with Google Voice.

 Thanks Mike!!!

And Thanks again to our sponsor, TribeBoost! (helping you grow your Twitter audience….and be sure to use Coupon Code “unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

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Quantity vs. Quality of Your Social Media Connections, Dino Dogan & John Susko – Ep.22

Crazy Awesome discussion with two phenomenal guests!

John SuskoDino

We discussed:

  • The quality of your Followers, Friends, Connections, etc.
  • The beauty of LinkedIn and Facebook groups
  • Tip of the Week: Don’t be Annoying!
  • Proper use of automation tools
  • New Media Expo

*Dino mentioned a BIG discount for the New Media Expo, which will be held in Las Vegas January 4-6, 2014. If you purchase tickets on Black Friday you’ll get 50% off plus another 20% if you use the code dino20.


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