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SM Advertising, Targeting Options and Etiquette, with Mandy Edwards – Ep.68

Mandy Edwards, super-knowledgeable owner of ME Marketing Services, gives us a ton of SM advertising gold nuggets. Her lovely Southern / Midwestern accent spiced up the show, too 😉 …And a quick Thank You to our sponsor, TribeBoost! A great way to grow your Twitter audience with relevant and quality people. Learn More Here, and be sure to use Coupon Code “Unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

Mandy Edwards - Owner of ME Marketing Services

Mandy Edwards – Owner of ME Marketing Services

First our news item: www.tsu.co is a new social network that actually offers to pay users. So rather than just making money just in ads, or offering a free network like Ello, tsu promises to pay you for using it. Very interesting model.

So then we went right into talking with Mandy, an excellent and well-informed guest. First we went through our weekly Three and a Half Tips:

  1. Always respond.
  2. Always test ads to see what works
  3. Have a professional appearance across platforms

3-1/2th tip: The worst thing a business can do on social media is ____________________. (fill in the blank)  #unscrambled

Some answers to this fill-in-the-blank from our listeners included:

  • Setting up an account and doing nothing
  • Being a jerk / posting provocative comments
  • Ignoring conversations
  • Deleting criticism
  • Unknowingly promoting competitors

We discussed all three, and the third one about professional appearance launched into a conversation and David sharing the most epic LinkedIn profile he’s ever seen. Here it is!

We also talked about social media advertisements. In a nutshell, while people complain about paying for social media ads on Facebook etc., the comparative cost / benefit of a Facebook ad vs. an ad on TV or in the newspaper can’t even be calculated. Social ads help you target your exact audience and it tells you how many people see it. You just can’t get those kinds of results with traditional advertising.

Mandy shared exactly how narrowly you can target people on Facebook and Twitter. Listen to the episode for the astonishing truth.

Finally David ended with our business growth tip-of-the-week: when networking in the real world, make sure you pin down a follow-up meeting with the person on the spot. Include their name, company, and choose a location and take down their phone number as well. That way your follow-up is done and you can continue networking.

Mandy Edwards

Mandy Edwards is the owner of ME Marketing Services, a social media marketing company that provides consulting, management and coaching to businesses in the United States and Canada. A graduate of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, Mandy has 12+ years of sales & marketing experience. Past work experience has included print advertising and local store marketing for Chick-fil-A and Bruster’s Ice Cream. Mandy is a founding board member of the online social media organization, the Social Solutions Collective. Locally, she is involved in Professional Women of Statesboro, the Statesboro-Bulloch County Chamber of Commerce, the Statesboro Chapter of the University of Georgia Alumni Association serving as President and First Baptist Church. Mandy is a 2008 graduate of Leadership Bulloch and was named to the Statesboro Herald’s Top 20 Under 40 for 2013. She has also been mentioned in Crain’s Chicago Business, Forbes and the Huffington Post. Mandy is married to prosecuting attorney Ben Edwards and is the proud mother of two redheaded daughters.

Thanks again, Mandy!!!

*and THANKS to all our listeners for tweeting along LIVE with hashtag #unscrambled!

And Thanks again to our sponsor, TribeBoost! (helping you grow your Twitter audience….and be sure to use Coupon Code “unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

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Increased Twitter Engagement with Dorien Morin-van Dam – Ep.2

Are you tweeting, or are you merely chirping? What are the best ways to attract Twitter followers, make your Twitter useful, and manage your feed?

In this week’s episode of Social Media Unscrambled, hosts Chris Curran and David Deutsch are joined by the intelligent and talented Dorien Morin-van Dam to discover some tips for using the microblogging platform Twitter, including Lists, Hashtags and more.


One of Dorien’s recent popular posts is called “11 S(t)weet Tips for Increased Twitter Engagement,” and focuses on the aspect of interacting with followers. This knowledge attracted the team of Chris Curran of Fractal Recording and David Deutsch of Synergi Social to invite Dorien to Skype into their podcast, Social Media Unscrambled, which airs weekly on The Fractal Stream internet radio station on Tuesday afternoons at 1:30PM EST. Social Media Unscrambled takes Curran’s broadcasting knowledge and Deutsch’s profession of social media in order to create an interactive experience for listeners who are interested in utilizing social media in the most efficient way possible.

In the previous episode, Chris and David spoke about the benefits of Google+ and sited various social networking bloggers. In this episode, they were able to host Dorien Morin van-Dam, who brought a different voice and feel to the show, in addition to her knowledge.

Dorien Morin van-Dam is a social networking consultant who uses her own experience in order to assist friends, clients, and businesses in proper and efficient social media strategies. Since 2010, she has been the founder and moderator of MoreInMedia.com, in which she blogs and creates workshops involving social media. She focuses primarily on twitter and LinkedIn, since they are the two most commonly misused and misunderstood platforms.

Dorien currently lives and works in South Carolina, and when she started speaking on the show, the hosts were surprised to hear no Southern accent. She related her roots from the Netherlands and her move to Boston, where she met her husband and lost her accent. After the friendly jabber that makes their show enjoyable and unique, David, Chris, and Dorien started talking about the first of the eleven tips on Dorien’s twitter post.

The first tip reads, “Twitter announced an update to their lists –>You can now make up to 1,000 lists (up from 20), and each list can include up to 5,000 accounts (up from 500). Can we say ‘wow’?! If you are NOT using lists yet, get to it. We use Twitter lists for curation purposes and improved interaction!” Dorien and David focused on explaining the useful aspect of twitter list. A twitter list allows the user to group the twitters they follow into certain categories, and then when they wish to find a post or idea, they are easily able to track who it might come from, rather than scrolling through an entire feed with thousands of tweets. Business owners and those who choose to connect using social media have a tendency to have many followers and follow many others, and scrolling through an entire list of tweets can be daunting and time consuming. Users can place bloggers on many lists, and due to the new update on Twitter, lists can be even more utilized.

A few listeners wanted to know how lists were made and if they were truly manageable. Lists are made manually by the user, and are as manageable as the creator allows them to be. Lists can be either public or private, and therefore can be utilized by other twitter bloggers. Dorien explained that the most useful feature of lists is to see what is popular and being talked about by various groups.

After a lengthy discussion, the hosts move on to the second point on Dorien’s list, which is, in short, politeness on twitter. “Thank those who tweet out your content, whether it’s a re-tweet or your blog posts. Acknowledgment can lead to great conversations and those can lead to meaningful connections.” Showing a follower that you appreciate them can start a lasting relationship which will make great business connections and partnerships in the future. And it’s as easy as typing “thank you,” or an original variation of that.

The third bullet that was discussed on the show had to do with the hashtag. The hosts explained what a hashtag was and its usefulness for the twitter user. “Twitter chats are a fun way to make new connections on Twitter. A chat happens when a group of people tweet about the same topic using a hashtag (#). The chats are at a specific predetermined time and often repeat weekly (or bi-weekly).” While a hashtag can be very useful, the hosts of #smUnscrambled did not have enough time in the half hour show to expand upon it.

The show is growing, after only two episodes, in a way that exceeds the boundaries of a half hour, and the limits of any one social media topic. As the show draws to a close, Chris and David mention their plans for the founder of Triberr to speak in person on the show in a couple weeks, as well as their excitement for its future. They thank Dorien for speaking about her post and for sharing her useful social media knowledge – even if it was only 3 of her 11 useful tips. The only thing left to do is to go tweet about it!

The rest of Dorien’s post can be found at http://moreinmedia.com/11-stweet-tips-increased-twitter-engagement/ on her website.
Her Google+ site is bit.ly/MoreInMedia
and you can tweet her at @MoreInMedia.

Tune in next week at 1:30PM EST for the next Social Media Unscrambled and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

—Post written by Naomi Barnett, June 4th 2013

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