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Creativity and Telling Your Story, with Cecilie Korst – Ep.36

This week we, Chris Curran and David Deutsch, brought our unique take on the social media world and hopefully helped to, well, unscramble the social media world. …And a quick Thank You to our sponsor, TribeBoost! A great way to grow your Twitter audience with relevant and quality people. Learn More Here, and be sure to use Coupon Code “unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉 We’re using it for the show’s Twitter account, too.

Cecilie Korst - Digital Media Consultant, Podcast Host of The Trailer Talks, and Co-Founder of Chapelure Media

Cecilie Korst – Digital Media Consultant, Podcast Host of The Trailer Talks, and Co-Founder of Chapelure Media

Can Cecilie Korst tolerate us the way previous guests could? We were about to find out. As a side note, Chris met Cecilie at New Media Expo, as usual, and she was a great guest overall. She’s a Digital Media Consultant, podcast host of The Trailer Talks, and Co-Founder of Chapelure Media!

Before we got into the news item, we got a quick call from serial podcrasher Dino Dogan from Triberr. Dino mentioned that he just developed his own personal mobile app, at which point an extended conversation took place where we tried to determine what an app is, how it differs from a website and why everyone (almost) should have one for themselves. ( is the place to learn how to develop your own app.)

Finally, 11 minutes after the show started we talked about the News Item, how 31% of Christians will give up social media for lent. We then discussed what Lent actually is. The conversation ended before we started a religious war.

We decided to postpone this conversation but then Dino called again to talk about the need for an app and answer some more of our questions. We agreed to cover this topic in depth on a later episode so today we could focus on Cecilie’s message – the importance of creativity and telling your own story online.

Creativity and storytelling can, according to Cecilie, help people “get out of their own way” and live the creative lives they were always meant to. This is a tremendously powerful concept; creatives can, if they choose to, unshackle themselves from middle management and sterile corporate cubicles and live the lives they were meant to live by telling their authentic stories to the world. Her podcast, The Trailer Talks, started because Cecilie and her friend wanted to live an authentic and creative life. So now they have guests come to their 1970’s camper trailer to join them on their show.

Cecilie’s consulting practice, Chapelure Media, co-founded with her business partner Kathleen Buczko, starts by asking the question “What do you want to be?” And only later addresses “What are the best channels to get your message out there?”

What is her bottom line to living a creative life? Start now! So what if you mess up – just go for it and live the life you were supposed to live!

Finally we discussed our Tip of the Week: Jay Baer says that “Content is your Fire; Social Media is the Gasoline.” We then went back and forth on what that means and if the analogy is backward. So we ended the show in lots of chaos as David totally messed up the analogy. But not really…

Thanks Cecilie!!!

Cecilie Korst

…is a content creator and host of a podcast set in a 1970’s camper trailer, aptly named “The Trailer Talks” where she interviews people who are living creative lives. In 2013, she retired from the Air Force after serving over 21 years as a Civil Engineer and Cyber Operations Officer. Along with her business partner, Kathleen Buczko, Cecilie is the Co-Founder of Chapelure Media, a digital media consulting company set to launch in June 2014. Cecilie also has experience in Corporate Communications, working with the Aerospace Corporation and military sales at Hilti. A creative person herself, (and a glutton for punishing academic schedules), she has a degree in Landscape Architecture from Ball State University and is currently back in school at the Art Institute of California studying web design and interactive media. Obviously, sleep is not one of her top priorities. Catch up with Cecilie via LinkdIN at

Company website:
Podcast website:
Personal website: (This is the craziness I create in my spare time, when there is some.)

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And Thanks again to our sponsor, TribeBoost! (helping you grow your Twitter audience….and be sure to use Coupon Code “unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

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Social Strategy, Tactics, Content and Google+, with Amy Nowacoski – Ep.29

WOW – Amy Nowacoski rocks your world again! So many important social media distinctions in this episode.

News Item: Net Neutrality is gone. Now content providers can slow down your connection, shut off your internet, block content, etc. Kinda scary…

Couple of notes about Facebook:

  • Facebook is currently giving you less access to the fans you fought and paid so much to get.
  • Besides advertising, the only other way Facebook can earn money is to charge people just to have a profile on their platform. It could happen sometime in the future.

Some of Amy’s ideas:

Social Media is social – developing relationships and talking to human beings, instead of just talking to their “credit card numbers.”

You have to be content focused. Take into consideration what makes people buy and how people operate. Know where your audience hangs out, as well as where they are in the information/buying cycle. If you don’t know why people do business with you, how can you share relevant content? The big keys are Emotion and Relationship. What drives human beings: Creativity and connection. Here’s a great way to look at content on your website: Top of the page – creativity and connection. Bottom of the page – emotion and relationship. In between – content. And deliver content using “language” people can understand and absorb, instead of using more technical industry specific buzzwords, etc.

Strategy and tactics are not the same thing. Stop using Social as a tactic. Strategy is how to build deeper more meaningful relationships that lead to a purchasing decision, rather that a tactic like I have to put out 48 tweets this week. Ask yourself, “Is this single tweet going to further my overall strategy.”

Topic for the future: How do you build a social business where most employees are sharing on social, etc?


  • Google+ is the next big area to be developed in social. It has so many benefits that are wrapped up in it.
  • Most of us were forced to be on Facebook because everyone else was there. Same is happening with Google+.
  • The single biggest benefit of Google+, an individual (by creating great content) can outrank big companies in search results. HE who creates the best content wins!

Amy loves the Buffer app – it can share across platforms, and integrate with different forms of technology… One way scheduling posts helps: Individuals have to balance their online efforts and their lifestyle time resources. But so much of social requires manual labor – there’s no way around it. It simply cannot be automated or scheduled. Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest all require that you interact with them live in real time,for the most part.

Thank you Amy Nowacoski (@amynowacoski) for being an awesome guest!!! BTW- Amy is facilitating a blogging workshop in the first week of May. Check out the details on her website:

Tip of the Week: on LinkedIn, go to Network, then Contacts, then sort through your connections to see who you want to talk to and why.

*BONUSDavid Deutsch revealed his 4-pillar approach to Social Media:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Thought Leadership
  3. Reputation Management
  4. Engagement

He also mentioned that if you have a list of Dream Companies that you’d like to connect with and work with someday, it should really be considered a list of Shame if you haven’t already reached out to these companies and their people on social. There is literally nothing stopping you 😉

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