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Social Media Therapy, Cyberbullying and Stopping the Terrorists – Ep.62

This week on Social Media Unscrambled we started with a wacky new concept: The Social Media Therapists with Cathartic Chris and Doctor David, and special guest comedian (Dr.) Davin Rosenblatt! …And a quick Thank You to our sponsor, TribeBoost! A great way to grow your Twitter audience with relevant and quality people. Learn More Here, and be sure to use Coupon Code “unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

Davin Rosenblatt - Comedian, Writer, Producer

Davin Rosenblatt – Comedian, Writer, Producer

Our first troubled call-in guest in search of social media therapy was “Steve” (Ralph Rivera from Web.Search.Social) and his wife “Janice” (Carol Lynn Rivera from Web.Search.Social). After some silliness and a pretend cover-up on the air we cut away to another caller, “Cletus” (Mike Brooks of Nuclear Chowder) where we made sure he loved his own Tweets over and above any response or engagement he might get or not get 😉

After that goofiness was done we switched to the “real” show where we interviewed Davin about his radio show, comedy career and how he helps the Pentagon identify and stop Internet scams. He also talked about the perils of cyberbullying while on social and how kids can take this too personally.

We spoke about his favorite platforms: he likes Facebook but finds Twitter unsatisfying. And he spoke about how his online community turned into a community of people who communicate with one another and has taken on a life of its own.

He also spoke about how he and his team help expose Internet scams and prevent problems from happening, saying that scammers set up fake profiles, lure people to faraway places and rob, rape and murder them. He works with the Pentagon to identify and stop these crimes from happening, which is a large divergence from his comedy work.

His radio show is on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 9:30 PM ET, and its called Davin’s Den.

Davin Rosenblatt

New York based comedian Davin has been entertaining audiences throughout the world for over 15 years. His likeable, yet confident, style leaves audiences wanting more of his unique perspective on current events, social issues, every day life and more. “He is not your stereotypical mild-mannered Jewish comic. He is bold, full of confidence, and in complete control of the audience and the stage,” raved one prominent New York comedy club manager. He is always in tune with whatever is going on in the room and often deviates from the “script” and engages in off the cuff, unscripted comedy which makes every show a unique experience. Davin has experienced many things that his audiences have and a few that nobody should ever experience. Either way, his enthusiasm and love of the craft will leave everybody sharing in his life.

Davin’s versatility enables him to perform in a vast variety of venues. He routinely works in destination resorts, private parties, major clubs, colleges, and corporate events. It is the constant work in the kaleidoscope of venues that makes him the chameleon of comedy. You may have seen him performing at New York Comedy Club, NY; Ha Comedy Club, NY; Funny Business Comedy Clubs, various; Comedy Zone, various; Catch a Rising Star, various; Many universities & colleges including Montclair State University, NJ; Cornell University, NY; Johnson & Wales University, RI; A few prestigious festivals including New York Underground Comedy Festival, and the Toyota Comedy Festival. Davin was featured on Comedy Central’s “Fresh Faces of Comedy.” He headlined a tour on Liberty Travel’s Cruise Line, “The Regal Empress.” Davin also excels in live radio. He hosts his own weekly radio show, Davin’s Den, which has been carried by WTBQ in NY and for a time was broadcast out of Anthony Cumia’s (Opie & Anthony) studio. Davin’s Den is currently carried by I Heart Radio. The show has received awards and been credited in newspapers for investigative reporting. Davin was also featured on New York’s number one drive time radio show, WFAN’s Mike’d Up “The Mike Francesa Show.” He has also been featured on News 12 NJ & Channel 10 News in NJ & the YES Network. Davin has also gone to Iraq, Japan, Korea, & Kuwait to perform for our troops. In addition, Davin has worked with such nationally recognized talents as Jimmy “JJ” Walker, Judy Tenuta, John DiResta, Pam Stone, Aries Spears, & The Shirelles.

When Davin was asked why he abandoned a promising career in the profession of law to pursue comedy fulltime he remarked, “I’d rather make people laugh than cry.” This former Romper Room star did not peak at age 4. He is a rising star. If you are looking for something completely captivating, Davin is your man.

Thanks Davin!!!

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