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Creation, Curation and Contemplation with Ralph, Carol Lynn and Teddie – Ep.55

This week we welcomed three charismatic individuals into the studio: Ralph M. Rivera, Carol Lynn Rivera and Teddie Mucha from Web Search Social and Rahvalor!. …And a quick Thank You to our sponsor, TribeBoost! A great way to grow your Twitter audience with relevant and quality people. Learn More Here, and be sure to use Coupon Code “unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

Quick Note: The written posts of our episodes are an extremely POOR representation of the actual Audio show. Please Listen to get the full effect 😉 It’s simply not humanly possible to capture our weekly “delightful disaster” in words…

Ralph M. Rivera - Founder of Rahvalor Interactive and Web Search Social

Ralph M. Rivera – Founder of Rahvalor Interactive and Web Search Social

This week we talk about content creation vs. curation and the importance of not being an overwhelming nuisance. But first we talked about the news item of the week: someone from AirBnB host who refuses to leave, which she can’t seem to resolve. It’s an important and somewhat scary story worth reading:

Ralph spoke at great length about the need to put relevant, consistent content on your social media profile. The question is, how do you do so without adding to the nonstop slew of social noise? Instead you have to spend time to create positive content on social media and not just share other people’s stuff. That just creates too much noise that will ultimately hurt your brand!

Carol Lynn Rivera - Founder of Web Search Social

Carol Lynn Rivera – Founder of Web Search Social

David suggested that, instead of just posting stuff, you should use social media to talk to people which will create the content and make people more likely to interact with you and your brand. Carol Lynn loved the idea and built upon that.

Teddy, our youngest guest, said that she does not like to use Twitter but likes Instagram and, somewhat surprisingly, Facebook. It was surprising because it is “well-known” that young kids are not on Facebook anymore.

Finally, our tip of the week: allows you to create custom-branded URLs to co-brand you on Twitter. You can also use Topsy and Social Mention to listen to conversations.

Ralph M. Rivera

Ralph is a programmer and web developer who is the co-owner and technical genius behind both Web.Search.Social and Rahvalor Interactive, where he’s in charge of keeping his team of programmers, coders and developers on track building custom websites and applications. If you need to make things happen on the web in a way that ties into your big-picture marketing goals, Ralph is the one to do it.

He’s been in the business of creative digital services since the late 1980s. He is also an educator, offering his experience and expertise to businesses as they strive to make sense of the world of online marketing, and he teaches web development to inquisitive young minds at Manhattan College in New York City.

Ralph loves whiskey, playing guitar, Halo and relaxing weekend afternoons reading great science fiction by the fireplace.

Carol Lynn Rivera

Carol Lynn is a writer, community manager and your go-to person for planning, strategy and ultimately getting your marketing done. As co-owner of both Web.Search.Social and  Rahvalor Interactive, she builds WordPress sites, manages social communities, writes for email campaigns, blogs or websites, puts together marketing plans and manages the rest of her creative team of writers, designers and developers. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Web.Search.Social. She has been in the digital marketing business since 1999 and has professionally studied project management as well as search and social marketing.

Carol Lynn loves reading, writing, sunflowers, cupcakes and being able to work with her husband and business partner, Ralph.

Teddie Mucha
Teddie Mucha - Web Development & Social Media Management with Web Search Social

Teddie Mucha – Web Development & Social Media Management with Web Search Social

Teddie is a production assistant at both Web.Search.Social and Rahvalor Interactive where she is quite the Jill-of-all-trades. She helps manage social communities, build websites, create graphics, research, plan and stay organized. When a statistic needs analyzing or a report needs building, Teddie is the go-to person for making things happen.

Teddie loves trying new gluten-free recipes, singing, driving her Prius and anything that comes in the color purple.

Thanks Ralph, Carol Lynn and Teddie!!!

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And Thanks again to our sponsor, TribeBoost! (helping you grow your Twitter audience….and be sure to use Coupon Code “unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

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