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It’s 2018: What to Look for, Who to Follow, and More – Ep.86

Enjoy this packed episode with Chris Curran, David Deutsch and Kevin Strasser!

We discussed:

  • What to look for in 2018
  • Ridiculously Awesome People on Social Media to Follow in 2018
  • Common mistakes we still see businesses do over and over and how to avoid them
  • LinkedIn strategies for sales, networking and booking appointments
  • Chris will try LinkedIn Premium for a month (since it’s free) and spend at least 15 min. per day on LinkedIn for the purpose of getting leads for Podfudge and Fractal Recording. Plus Kevin will be able to work more LinkedIn magic for Chris

David mentioned CB Insights.

The Logan Paul story – apparently he posted a video of a suicide victim and then took it down.

Examples of simple tweets working well now w/ 280 characters and emojis:

Thanks for listening!

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Our sponsor – Podfudge – a new kind of podcasting agency

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