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Former Blue-haired Seattle-ite Helps Manage Twitter with Meshfire! – Ep.40

This week we welcome Amber Osborne, CMO of Meshfire! …And a quick Thank You to our sponsor, TribeBoost! A great way to grow your Twitter audience with relevant and quality people. Learn More Here, and be sure to use Coupon Code “unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

Amber Osborne - CMO of Meshfire

Amber Osborne – CMO of Meshfire

This week on Social Media Unscrambled we had an excellent conversation about the power and potential of using Meshfire to manage Twitter more effectively with CMO Amber Osborne.

First we started the episode with our the news item: Twitter is changing its layout of profiles by making the “cover” picture bigger, etc. Amber agreed with David that the new layout will be less confusing and actually look more like Facebook.


Then we really dug into how Meshfire can help you and your brand manage multiple Twitter profiles simultaneously. Meshfire also has super-efficient functionality for team collaboration (CollaboTwation? Twitoration?) by allowing the integration of numerous profiles into their platform and distributing work among team members.

Amber elucidated on why she thinks Twitter is such an incredibly powerful platform and explained how, before joining Meshfire, she previously helped several companies amp up their social media presence and experience significant business growth. And of course we had to address the fact that she had blue hair for a couple years. …cool 😉

We also reminisced about the olden days of social media — a whopping six years ago — and how Amber and David got onto social media in the first place. It was a walk down memory lane… Chris and Amber also reflected on how they met at New Media Expo which all started with a strange tweet from none other than our good friend Dino Dogan

Finally we shared the Tip of the Week: David found an article suggesting that parents should talk to their kids about the power and potential of social media to hurt them in the long-run with regards to their reputation, employment opportunities, etc. We posted that link on our Facebook page!

Amber Osborne, a.k.a @MissDestructo

…is the Chief Marketing Officer at Meshfire in Seattle and former Vice President at Head of Lettuce Media in Tampa, Florida. An award-winning Social Media strategist with years of consistently delivering pioneering digital media solutions. Diverse client exposure ranging from small start-ups to internationally-known brands.  Specializing in community management, brand development and creating engaging, unforgettable online personalities behind social media accounts such as Bruce’s Yams and social media promotion for events like Foursquare Day, the Audi Roadtrip and the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.

Miss Destructo has been featured in Forbes, Time, Huffington Post, Mashable, Puget Sound Business Journal, St. Pete Times, MSNBC, ABCnews, LA Weekly, CNN Headline News, Search Engine Journal andFast Company Online. Also recently, a panelist at CES, SXSW 2011, a keynote panelist at IStrategy Amsterdam and voted Creative Loafing’s Best of The Bay 2010 Best Tampa Twitter Personality. Also featured as one of the Top CMO’s On Twitter by Social Media Marketing Magazine.

Thanks Amber!!!

 *and THANKS to all our listeners for tweeting along LIVE with hashtag #unscrambled!

And Thanks again to our sponsor, TribeBoost! (helping you grow your Twitter audience….and be sure to use Coupon Code “unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

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  1. Another great zode, you guys. I enjoyed the crap out of it.

    And btw, I appreciate you letting me know the show is about to start. I saw it yesterday and meant to listen in but got distracted with some other stuff. Keep doing it.

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