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Disney Fan and Registered Nurse Talks Podcasting. No, Seriously – Ep.46

LIVE in-studio: Kathy Kelly – host of the Special Mouse Podcast!!!

Kathy Kelly, RN, and host of the Special Mouse Podcast

Kathy Kelly, RN, and host of the Special Mouse Podcast

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Today was our (almost) one-year anniversary of broadcasting and podcasting our show Social Media Unscrambled! Oddly this was also the first pre-recorded episode we have done and the dynamic of not being live on the air definitely made this a different one.

We were joined by Kathy Kelly, RN, and founder of the Special Mouse Podcast this week. She opened up to us about various issues regarding special needs kids and their visits to Disney World, as well as a bit about her passion for Disney rides 😉

But first, we talked about the News Item(s) of the Day! The first one was the crazy video of the cat who attacked a dog who was attacking a boy. It is an incredible video and really should be seen to believed. Then we talked about the big change at LinkedIn: they bought the card scanning app Cardmunch, and then promptly shut it down in favor of using Evernote.

We then opened the show asking a deep question: is podcasting social media? David posited that podcasting is a social medium but that, in and of itself, it is not strictly speaking social media. Chris and Kathy went back and forth wondering how to classify podcasting, as valuable as it is. We left the issue open for further consideration.

Kathy then spoke at length about her passion for Disney and how her podcast helps all kinds of special needs children. She fell in love with Disney because of the incredible treatment her then young son (who is Autistic) received at their Disney trip. After attending BlogWorld (now known as New Media Expo) she then decided to create her own podcast right from her computer about all things related to Disney and special needs.

Later we played a game (of sorts) – called Remove, Rewind, or Refurb – to see if certain social media sites should refurbish, retire, rewind or regurgitate (or something like that.) We agreed that Twitter should refurbish, Facebook should rewind and refurbish, and Vine should retire/remove.

Finally our tip of the week came from Kathy about how helpful Dave Jackson is at The School of Podcasting if you want to learn more about podcasting. 

Although not being on Live made the dynamic a bit different, we all enjoyed Kathy’s presence and look forward to a repeat visit!

Thanks again, Kathy!!! …host of the Special Mouse Podcast

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And Thanks again to our sponsor, TribeBoost! (helping you grow your Twitter audience….and be sure to use Coupon Code “unscrambled” for 15% OFF the first month 😉

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