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Australian Chickens and Unscrambled Armies – Ep.77


Welcome to the return of Social Media Unscrambled! Episode 77 is about the 3rd rebirth of our show where we show you how to use social media effectively for your business. Not only are we talking social media, we are building a community called The Unscrambled Army where we will leverage each other’s knowledge to grow our respective businesses.

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Amber Osborne, aka Miss Destructo, shared on Facebook a story about an Australian fast food restaurant that is using a chicken pecking on a keyboard to compose tweets. The results were hilarious and are worth checking out: https://twitter.com/ChickenTreat …enjoy

Chris Curran then talked about how he used TribeBoost to actually generate a high quality lead for his business – a business author and former Disney executive. TribeBoost had connected with the woman on Twitter on behalf of Chris, so she followed Chris back, then checked out his website and called him! How cool is that? Also, David offered the following tip: DON’T SEND AUTO DIRECT MESSAGES ON TWITTER! They are annoying. Just don’t do it.

Chris followed-up with an interesting story about how he is getting involved in voice-overs in part because of his amazing audio equipment. He signed up for a webinar based on his contacts’ referral (Jared Easley). Chris enjoyed the webinar presentation but forgot the woman’s name (which, it turns out, is Carrie Olsen), at which point David made the declaration that “Nobody cares about you.” Chris remembered the content from the webinar, not who delivered it. So when we go on social media, we have to remember that nobody cares about us and we should keep our audience in mind.

After a series of weird transitions, David spoke about the stupid girl in Florida who used Periscope to boast about her drunk driving (LIVE while she was doing it) and was later arrested. Note to friends: DON’T BOAST ABOUT DRUNK DRIVING ON SOCIAL MEDIA EVER!

About 20 years ago Chris Curran was working as a music engineer in NYC. One studio where he worked, Soundtrack NY, became like family but everyone lost touch. Recently he got re-friended on Facebook by someone at the studio who began organizing a reunion party! After being added to a Facebook group to discuss the reunion, Chris got so many notifications that he turned off the notifications, and sadly and mistakenly keeps forgetting to check that group discussion. Deep question: How to minimize notifications but not lose track of the discussion?…?

David also belongs to a bunch of Facebook groups including the Social Media Managers group. Recently David got onto a thread where a woman insisted that LinkedIn was useless. After a bit of back and forth David ended the conversation with the idiotic woman. But then, a woman from New Zealand, Jenny Wilmshurst (He said Willburn on the episode, sorry!!!) actually jumped into the argument on David’s behalf. David and Jenny later had a few Skype conversations and began exploring ways to work together.

Chris then talked about how he is looking to expand his national Meetup group (Pause Your Life) from 3 cities to many more. Apparently Meetup is slowly rolling out “Meetup Pro” which allows an organizer to have unlimited Meetups groups as well as advanced communication tools. It is for far more flexibility, although for businesses it costs a fair bit ($35/month/group). Interesting inside scoop!

Then Chris mentioned a community radio station in Colorado Springs (KCMJ) where he will be volunteering a bit. He may even host a local live show there. He is also going to meet the volunteers who are managing the stations social media accounts and see what magic they are performing using social media. David chimed in and wanted to know if terrestrial radio relevant.

David smoothly transitioned to talk about his friend, a Los Angeles-based attorney named Gregory Rutchik, posted on Facebook about a recent complex transaction he executed for a family office. (A family office is a company which is exclusively designed to preserve the wealth of very wealthy families.) David called Gregory out of the blue and offered to connect him with some people he knew who also work with family offices. This led to more conversations and Gregory ended up sending two good leads to David in return. So it goes to show you that giving first is the best way to use social media, and that paying attention to what other people say on social can benefit them and you.

Finally David read a letter addressed to the Social Media Therapists, Dr. David and Cathartic Chris:

Dear Cathartic Chris and Dr. David:

With the elections only 13 months away I am not sure who to vote for. My Facebook friends said I should vote for Donald Trump. But then I read on Twitter that I should vote for Bernie Sanders. I think I am suffering from social media electile dysfunction.

What do I do?

Socially Confused (aka Sagging Socially)

Our advice? Don’t bother, it’s stupid. And we have no idea what we are talking about.

It was a great episode – see you all in a couple of weeks!

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