A Podcast About Social Media
That Helps You Grow Your Business

About the Show

Many entrepreneurs and business owners find social media to be anything but fun or effective. That’s why we created this show. The Social Media Unscrambled podcast is a fun and informative conversation about social media. Our mission is to unscramble social media to eliminate your confusion, demystify its uses, and make it fun – all while helping you grow your business.

When you listen you will get:

  • Specific ways to use social media to grow your business, organization or cause
  • Wacky (but true) stories of social media embarrassments so you don’t make them
  • Tips and tricks to get results quickly
  • The latest social media information to help you grow your business

We call our community The Unscrambled Army because after our listeners begin to get business results from using social media, we band together to multiply these results. As a member of The Unscrambled Army, we are in your social media foxhole with you!

Join The Unscrambled Army of fans!

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David Deutsch and Chris Curran (before removing his beard)

David Deutsch and Chris Curran in Chris’s old studio, and when Chris had a beard


Social Media Unscrambled is produced by Fractal Recording


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