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The Usefulness of a Good Infographic for Marketing, with Brian Wallace – Ep.31

Our guest is a premier authority on infographics and their value: Brian Wallace, President of NowSourcing specializing in infographic design, development and content marketing promotion.


Chris actually met Brian at his NowSourcing booth at the 2014 New Media Expo last month.

NEWS ITEM: Facebook Paper, which is only for iOS, is being enjoyed by many and discussed online quite a bit recently. The viewer can’t actually add any content, but it’s fun distraction (not essential) with a good user experience. Also, David answered a question by clarifying that Facebook Paper is completely different from (which is an automatic online newspaper that aggregates content from what people post).

Back to infographics.. One main aim of an infographic is to take a whole bunch of data and research and create a nice graphic that presents the data to the viewer in a simple digestible format. Brian mentioned that a good infographic can cut through the noise of everyday marketing. “The world needs more ‘librarians’ for this mess of a landfill of data and content that’s smacking us in the face daily.”

Great Examples of Infographics:

One strategy: Start with an amazing topic. As viewers read the infographic, present the data to take them on a journey. At the top, have more global/general information. Toward the bottom, have more specific information for qualifying your leads.

David told us he once had an idea for an infographic, but that’s where it ended… * Reminder: Tweet along with the Live show using hashtag #unscrambled (Tuesdays at 1:30pm ET)

Brian Wallace started NowSourcing in 2005. He has extensive online experience in web, tech, marketing and more. He mentioned that every 2-3 years there’s a cycle where the overall internet infrastructure takes a jump forward. Speed of the internet, capabilities of computers, new online platforms, etc. And as everything improves, so will infographics. Most infographics these days are static. In the future they will be interactive in many ways: animation, html5 capabilities, computational, better displays, etc.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Turn off auto direct messaging on Twitter. Ever follow someone and then you get an automatic pre-programmed message in return? Yeah, that. If you REALLY need to reach out to people who just followed you, simply mention them in a regular tweet and say thanks for following, or whatever. Also, “TrueTwit validation” is one of the auto-messages we get a lot which asks you to validate that you’re actually human. Last week Chris asked Evan Dunn about it and he said don’t bother actually doing it because no one does. Sigh… 

Also, David asked what is Google Fiber, so Brian explained it’s Google’s fiber-optic Gigabit ethernet active in only 3 cities: Austin TX, Kansas City, and Provo UT. We did not know that 😉  …Sounds like a breakfast cereal, no?

Thanks for a great appearance on the show, Brian!

Brian Wallace is the President of NowSourcing, a firm specializing in infographic design, development and content marketing promotion. The company is based in Louisville, KY and works with companies that range from startups to Fortune 500.

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