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Low Budget and Engagement “Marketing,” with Evan Dunn – Ep.16

Wow! We welcomed Evan Dunn, Social Media Specialist with Marketeering Group, and he shared so much truth about social media “marketing.”

Evan Dunn

We discussed lean/no budget marketing, Twitter following tactics, human behavior (when it comes to online interaction), and engagement marketing.

Also, here are the tools/services Evan mentioned:

  • B2B Twitter tool: Socedo App (@socedoapp, founder: @aseemb)
  • Twitter market research and facilitation: Manageflitter (@manageflitter, founder @ke_ga) and Followerwonk (by Moz)
  • Excellent analytics tool with easy viewing and lots of integrated services: Sumall (@sumall)
  • Very effective Twitter follower growth: TribeBoost (@tribeboost)

Thanks Evan!

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